Bookkeeping Services

My bookkeeping services are efficient, effective, and come with a personal touch. I work exclusively with private clients managing their personal books and business finances, when applicable. Keeping their information organized, up to date, and presentable in a user friendly format reduces the stress of managing their checkbook. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Pepperdine University, am a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, have over thirty years of bookkeeping experience, and manage multiple clients and projects with ease. As someone who is good with numbers, I enjoy helping those who are struggling with their finances and getting their lives back on track. I'm here to manage your books so you can take back those hours for yourself and put your energy to good use in another area of your life. 

Professional Fiduciary Services

As a Professional Fiduciary, I am able to assume responsibility for a position of trust. My license is through the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau in California and I am required to engage in ongoing education. As a mother of two adult children, I find my natural inclination to help and take care of others shines in this profession. I was driven to become a Fiduciary after my own mother battled vascular dementia and I worked as her advocate and Power of Attorney for over ten years. Being a Fiduciary allows me to continue in my passion for helping others, especially those that are not in a capacity to help themselves. Please contact me for further questions about what a Fiduciary can do for you and your loved ones.